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The ESU is a voltage optimisation unit that is using the voltage tolerances to optimise energy consumption. The electrical supply in the UK has to be between certain parameters:

The nominal European voltage now is 230V 50Hz (formerly 240V in UK, 230V in the rest of Europe) but this does not mean there has been a real change in the supply.

Instead the new "harmonised voltage limit" in Europe are now: 230V -10% +6% (i.e. 207.0V-243.8V) in most of Europe (the former 220V nominal countries), and 230v -6% +10% (i.e.216.2V-253.0V) in UK (former 240V nominal)

To cope with both sets of limits and equipment will therefore need to cover 230V +/-10% (i.e. 207-253V). This became the limit for the whole of the EU in 2003.

In most cases the voltage you receive from your energy supplier has not changed so by optimising to 216V you will reduce the load on your installation and in turn save because you are using less to do the same.

Ohms Law

This defines that V(volts)=I(current) X R(resistance)
Equally P(power) =V(volts) X A(amps)

However equipment is designed to meet the European Harmonisation Voltage and all power applied above the minimum requirement is effectively wasted.

Features of the ESU

  • Greater Life of Motor windings (lower voltage less heat output)
  • Automatic Changeover
  • Monitor Incoming Voltage
  • Save Indication
  • Self-Contained
  • EC Approved
  • Longer Lamp Life
  • Improved Power Factor
  • Voltage Stabilisation
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